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Mesh agricultural machine

Albaida Máquinas is a company that for over 20 years has specialized in providing machinery for the textile sector, which includes mesh agricultural machine to provide solutions to cutting-edge agriculture.

We mixed mesh agricultural machine width rolled or folded and wrapped to the back of all types of agricultural meshes. This machine is very compact, fast and efficient for large productions. It also has shores probes roller guide for aligning tire edges. Its speed can be varied by gender to roll from 0 to 35mts/minuto.
These mesh agricultural machine can be supplied with rollers cradle of fabric pieces or small diameter tires with arms unwinding rolls of large diameter fabric. They are even equipped with touch screen for programming with safety stop, push start, stop, aligners, etc..

Our company has specialized staff who will advise when information about the type of equipment best suited to your needs.

mesh-agricultural-machine mesh-agricultural-machine mesh-agricultural-machine